Juno Wandering

the (often) meandering travels of a student anthropologist

Are You a Full-Time Solo Female Nomad? Would You Like to Participate in this Project?

This is a lifestyle that is being adopted by a growing number of women and your information can lead to a better understanding how women adapt to life on the road, maintain boundaries, create home and hearth in nontraditional settings, and form community within the fluidity of a nomadic existence. While there is no compensation for participation, I hope that you will enjoy telling your story, and enter into discussions with other participants. Please note this project is inclusive of female-identified genders, as well as any age, ethnicity, spiritual or political belief. Whether you travel in a car, van, RV, bus or cargo truck I'd love to hear from you.

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Join Project

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Before we get started, I'd like to just reach out and chat with you about the project and answer any questions.
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Ehrenberg BLM
Ehrenberg, AZ - Bureau of Land Management (BLM) off of Exit #1 - December 2017